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Thursday, 24 March 2011

UDK Plug & Play Car with Weapon

heres a big vehicle for you to play with. For NOVEMBER UDK and newer.

contains Original Version and LookSteer Version
Download Here

it has:
* rotating turret that fires the manta weapon.
* 6 camera modes, with rear view function. Static cam when first enter vehicle.
* nicely ballanced with slippery tyres for drifting
* its fast

comes with the 3ds max model file so you can make your own vehicle. the model is a terrible 'placeholder', im no modeler :s
open it up in max, delete the mesh, add your own, skin the bones. (look for geodav tutorials if you dont know what im talking about)


place the files from the zip in your udk instalation folder.
the zip is arranged in folders to make it easy for you.

Development/Src/UTGame/Classes - Script Files.
Development/Src/UTGameContant/Classes - More Script Files. (wont work for udk versions older than august)

UDKGame/Content/Vehicles - the vehicle package (wont work for udk versions older than november)

add these lines to DefaultInput.ini for the camera control.
add to the bottom of ; Primary default bindings section

.Bindings=(Name="R",Command="GBA_LookBack | OnRelease GBA_NotLookBack")

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